Reasonable Savings with Maximum Security Control.

Suitable For Long Term Appliance (Analog) Or New (Digital) Enhanced Network All Types Of Security-Related Cameras.

Flexible Flexible Installation And System Settings On a 3G Connected To Broadband Network Access.

No more (PORT FORWADING) ie access current settings to common DDNS (Dynamic DNS) server servers such as Easy4ip, NO-IP, DYNDNS, P2P (Peer 2 Peer) CLOUD and so on.

The NCC provides the Basic and secure Methods directly from the security control system’s device dashboard to online users. Without a third party.

No Router Modem is required only via router modem and assisted through general DDNS (Dynamic DNS) server servers such as Easy4ip, NO-IP, DYNDNS, P2P (Peer 2 Peer) CLOUD and so on for secure control access by external network (Remote Monitoring).



Mobile DVR and NVR. Bodyworn cameras with built-in GPS, 4G, WiFi. VMS & Evidence Man. s/w

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PoE and Non-PoE network switches, UTP extender, EOC. Industrial switches available
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Open VMS System support most IP cameras. Available with 20+ video analytics.

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Explosion proof CCTV cameras with ATEX. Thermal and long-range cameras. EOD System
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Recorders and Cameras for IP, CVI / TVI / AHD and Analog

Hybrid System

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Megapixel IP Systems and Solution. Video Wall, POS


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Megapixel IP Cameras

Panaromic Omni System

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HD-SDI / TVI Recorder & Hybrid System. HS-SDi Cameras

Hybrid SDI / TVI / IP

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HD-SDi and Analog Cameras

TVI Cameras


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Copper Cabling System

IP Over Coaxial .. etc

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Analog and IP Cameras

PoE Switches, IR LED

NVR with POE

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Ethernet Media Converters Analog / HDSDI / AHD / TVI

WDM Solution
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IP Based video intercom come with face detection & recognition.

Support mobile and remote app.
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Display solution for video wall, indoor and outdoor LED ssytem and controller

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CCTV Multi-tester support IP, HD-Analog. Built-in multimeter, WiFi and fiber optics power meter.

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Long range audio up to 3km

Remote audio management and management

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Old Technology


Current Technology


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